SPFL Do not sign FA's at all till 8 pm est tommorow (WED). If u sign b4 8 pm est ill cut them and u will get killed via cap. At 8 pm est you can sign a max of 4 FA's this season.Make sure u fill your roster needs via FA. Pre-season is open once u fill roster spots. Deadline to cut roster to 53 players max is Thursday at 9 pm est. If you dont make cuts u may lose player u wanna keep. Im advancing week 1 preseason at 10 pm est WED and advancing to Week 1 Thursday night at 9:30 pm est. So you can get 2 preseasn weeks in b4 i advance us. Injuries off for pre-season. Check your xbox live messages for info. Remember to message your opponent within 24 hours of advance and let me know if no reply 1 day before advance.

    You can only sign FA guys for injuries 4+ weeks.


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    You can only sign FA guys for injuries 4+ weeks.

    Post  Herc on Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:48 am

    -So you can now only sign an FA if you get an injury 4+ weeks
    -Than you can sign in same position only and equal or lesser rating.
    -You must let me know who you want to sign.
    -The player you sign will be part of your team now as your signing him.

    Im doing this cause in real NFL thats when FA's really get signed, when injuries happen

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