SPFL Do not sign FA's at all till 8 pm est tommorow (WED). If u sign b4 8 pm est ill cut them and u will get killed via cap. At 8 pm est you can sign a max of 4 FA's this season.Make sure u fill your roster needs via FA. Pre-season is open once u fill roster spots. Deadline to cut roster to 53 players max is Thursday at 9 pm est. If you dont make cuts u may lose player u wanna keep. Im advancing week 1 preseason at 10 pm est WED and advancing to Week 1 Thursday night at 9:30 pm est. So you can get 2 preseasn weeks in b4 i advance us. Injuries off for pre-season. Check your xbox live messages for info. Remember to message your opponent within 24 hours of advance and let me know if no reply 1 day before advance.

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